Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Excelling Through Homeschool

In all labor there is profit, so goes the proverb. After more than a decade I'm seeing this fulfilled in our schooling efforts. Yes, I knew my child was learning. And yes, I was aware of his progress, but after hearing this afternoon of how well he was doing in his class I was overwhelmed with joy. I thought about how all those years of work had paid off. It wasn't in vain. We started homeschooling at my son's request at his tender age of four. From the moment we began it was clear to my husband and me that we wanted to do this in honor and obedience to Hashem and His Word. We wanted to raise up a G-d fearing young man that would serve him. It's been to us more of an investment in eternity. Having a close watch over the shaping of his character has been key in his education.

Never did I imagine that his academic progress was better off in my hands. I certainly felt inadequate to teach him most of the time to say the least. But since academic excellence was not priority we went ahead with confidence. Our goals were based on convictions. I knew that his education was my responsibility and I was not about to delegate it to someone else. This is the reason I was pleasantly surprised to find how well my son was doing academically. I can't explain how happy we are to see the young man he's grown to become. And now seeing him doing so well in his schooling gives me a sense of relief, I must admit. Not only is he a mature and faithful young man, but it's good to know that in his obedience he was able to excel in other areas as well.

Praise be to the Almighty. All I have is gratitude towards him for giving me the privilege of being a mom, the blessing of helping shape a young child, and the joy of it all.