Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Teaching Goals

Which is the best teaching method? This is a question I have often pondered. The answer to me lies in yet another question. What is the goal for teaching? To put it in an even more personal way, "What is my goal in teaching? There is so much at stake when it comes to choosing the appropriate method for one's children. Had my goal been intellectualism or academic excellence, I might have chosen a different route. If on the other hand I was focused on raising socially acceptable and adaptable children by worldly standards I would perhaps go with the public school option. Protection for my children is my duty, however it's not the reason for which homeschooling has become my perfect choice.

I am very much set on taking the homeschooling path. The main reason I have elected to do this is one of faith. The purpose for my choice, "Raise a generation of G-d fearing people, who will glorify God in their lives". Easily said, but not as easily put into practice. For those who know me and are surely aware of my flaws, I would say. Though the task is indeed monumental and I am but a feeble being I have high hopes of success. Why such confidence? It is because I am not relying on my own understanding and wisdom. Had I trusted in myself, I'd be on the road to failure no doubt. But I am determined to "trust in the Lord with all thine(my) heart". I will acknowledge Him from whom wisdom comes, and then only will I be able to succeed.

I have seen academic excellence, good character, and well mannered children that are all the product of schooling at home. All of which are commendable. Yet will I concentrate on obedience to God's word and seeking first His Kingdom. I pray for His guidance through the Ruach HaCodesh (Holy Spirit). After all "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom".

For this reason I decided that Torah study shall be first priority. We will concentrate on each child writing their own copy of the Torah. To this we will add other subjects, such as Language Arts, Reading and Math. Eventually we will cover other Jewish writings, such as Perkey Avot. The basic pattern we will aim to emulate is one found in Josephus' writings, that being God's chosen people's way of education.

I am so thankful for those who came before us and setting high standards. And mostly thankful to my Lord Adonai for all he has done and is doing in our lives. Praise be to Him, Baruch Adonai Atah Melech HaOlam!

My Little Ones (Poem)

When I wake up I see a smile,
Awaiting sweetly all the while.
And then as morning time unfolds
"Good morning mom", I hear up close

It's little ones awaiting me,
Full off joy, excitement, glee
The pitter patter of their feet
Running about; it's just so sweet.

They run outside and climb on trees.
They stop to watch the birds and bees.
And then before they come back in,
They pick a rose to bring to me.

They tell me all about their play,
And all the things throughout their day.
They tell me stories and some jokes too,
Oh how they make me laugh, it's true!

When I hear laughs I know they're near.
Their giggles I just love to hear.
Their lovely smiles brighten my days.
I wouldn't have it any other way!

I found this poem looking through my things today it's dated 7-21-07. I must have written it and forgotten all about it. The notebook I wrote it in was new: So as I looked for something to write in today, I found it.
Once again I'm here posting a poem about my kids which I love very much and inspire me to keep writing.

The Countless Joys Of Motherhood (Poem)

The countless joys of motherhood
have thought me many things,
So many I never thought I’d learn,
And though they are what I have yearned
It seems hard to believe.

At times I laugh at little things
The way they comb their hair
Perhaps the shoes in the wrong feet
Using a cup as a small seat,
To change all these I would not dare.

I keep a little first aid box
Band-aid with cutie shapes
Somehow I fear that they will manage
To find some reason for a bandage
Or accidentally get a scrape.

Each morning as each day begins
Unsure what it could bring
Could be a small hand holding mine,
A little voice saying a rhyme,
It makes me want to sing!

But in a day not all is fun
At times there’s much to do
To comfort one I just might need
To put another one to sleep,
I thank my Lord for motherhood.

There’s joy and laughs and work to do
My home looks not so great
There’s fingerprints on all my doors
Continually stains on my floors
Yet motherhood’s my favorite state.

I count my blessings when I’m sad
The Lord has blessed me so,
I’ve felt his tender loving care,
With little ones I’ll gladly share
Each one the Lord must know.


I must have written this about a couple of years ago, but recently found it.
I remember seeing Isaac turning a mug upside down and sit on it, which as so funny to see.
That I had to write about the little things that make me laugh so I wouldn’t forget.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Reading

Today was library day. The kids were so enthusiastic about turning in their reading logs. Actually the kids read through out the year. We try to visit the library on a regular basis as part of our homeschooling year. But I do notice a bit of a difference during summer. It seems the local library's summer reading program always gets the kids excited about reading lots of new books. Even though their prize give aways or raffles are great incentives, reading for its pure joy is undeniable. Today was fun for the kids. When I woke in the morning everyone was all set to go, and were only waiting on me. I had to hurry and get ready because they quickly got in the car and were waiting there. After a long day of cake, snow cones, punch, train rides, and gifts we were on our way back home. But to finish off the celebration we decided to first stop for some pizza and ice-cream. I'm glad for days such as these. I so enjoy just watching the kids have fun. What a blessing, to be able to spend time with my kids and do the kind of things they like.

Monday, July 19, 2010

This particular month has been very hard on me; mainly because of health issues. It seems that I've spent a great deal of time ill lately. I cry out to Adonai. L-rd I need you desparetly. At times I have fallen into deep discouragement but He always brings me comfort. My heart yearns for Hashem as I seek a closer walk with Him. Trials may come and hardships no doubt, but my hope rests in Him.

Thank You Hasem, for your loving kindness. For the wonderful gift
of your Torah, I can't help but be grateful. Thank you inmensly
for the people you've surrounded me with, both friends and family.
Those that encourage my walk, and those that put it to test.

I know it all comes from Him. As I sat in bed reading my bible, I found myself reading from the book of Job. My eyes were drawn to the words there before me. "What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?" Then I sat there thinking. There is a purpose to all this. What can I learn? I asked myself. For one, I'm faced with the choice of trusting my Heavenly Father. That's a good thing. Anything that I must learn, I pray He gives me the understanding to learn.

Throughout all this I have also realized that I can not lock myself in my room and ignore the world around me. Many things have demanded my attention. Though my natural inclination was to sink into depression, I found myself fighting these feelings I knew were not acceptable. Others needed me! I have a young mother to mentor. I have a nephew and neace to encourage. My children are depending on me to teach them. And others were there whom I had to serve. It is not acceptable that I should fall apart!

The strength came to me when I needed it most. Hashem answered my prayers. He alone got me through it all. Each day that passes I have an increasing joy in my heart. One that doesn't seem comprehendable but is there. I find myself singing daily, praises to His name. This is what Hashem does in my life. He gives me victory to live a life beyond my wildest imaginations. What ever time I may have left to live, be it days or years, I want to live it for Him. Though our finances are unstable because the company isn't doing so well, I will trust in Him. Though I may suffer from poor health, I will praise Him. As long as I have breath, I want to praise Him and thank Him.

As this Tish B'Av passes, I will remember that in the midst of what may seem the worst tragedies, our G-d is there. Loving and caring, What a compassionate Father. Surely "those that sow in sorrow will reap in joyful singing" as the psalms tell us. Baruch Hashem!