Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lovingly (Poem)

Taken from an old blog I wrote some time ago (for Seth)

The tender truth in knowing you
Are growing within me
To know your heart is fully formed and then
to hear its beat.

To dream of holding you up close
And giving you a kiss.
To hug and rock you softly
All this I'd dare not miss.

Can't wait to say "I love you"
While looking at your face;
To hold you closely to my cheek,
You'll soon feel my embrace.

I'll read this little poem to you
And kiss your little hand;
So you will know how much you're loved
I hope you'll understand.

Oh how my life has changed my child
From the moment that I knew;
You are a gift sent from above
Undoubtedly it's true.

I'll pray for you with so much love
And stay awake most nights;
Not because I have to
But because I love the sight
Of a little one so tender
Sleeping right by my side

So many things that fill my heart
That I want you to know
But one I hope is very clear,
Is that I love you so!

By: MJ

I wrote this poem for the little one G-d is blessing us with soon. Although, truthfully he(while yet unborn) is already a blessing.

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