Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shabbat: A Special Gift

Taken from another blog I wrote a while back.

Here comes a time when things come to a stop,
A precious day of beauty, love, and rest.
At last to rest I'll gladly do my best;
Without delay my routine I will drop.

Though toils and work of daily life abound,
Keeping me busy hours throughout the day;
Requiring time for study, work, and play
Of these today we'll find absent the sound

A special meal prepared just for this time,
Exquisite settings for this day of rest.
Fresh flowers arranged to look their very best.
No doubt this day will surely, brightly shine.

With praise and joy filling our home tonight,
The sweetest wine, and challah for our bread,
A white soft veil that’s placed upon my head;
I’ll light the candles to shine warm and bright.

The Sabbath day clearly given to man,
A blessing for His children all;
Who willingly take time to heed the call,
To accept this gift from our L-rd’s very hand.

A memorial reminding when the world was made,
A heavenly gift sent to mankind;
Six days of work and then time to unwind,
A shadow of eternity is this day.

For those embracing this sacred retreat,
A secret hidden from the common eyes;
That’s only seen by those that seek what’s wise.
The place where time and eternity meet!


I wrote this poem to share and inspire those that both in reading the Holy Scriptures and seeking to live in obedience; have come to embrace the Sabbath Day as G-d’s appointed day of rest.

May you have a "SHABBAT SHALOM"!

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  1. Thank you for sharing at the Shabbat Shalom Link up this week. It truly is a blessing to have you all join on Shabbat. Blessings ~ Carmen at Pebble Crossing