Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Dearest Love

   At times, when life seems too busy, and distractions abound, the greatest things in life can quickly fade into the background. These times can be like being in a desert, with no water to satisfy the thirsty soul. These times are like dry spells, without the only thing that can possibly quench a thirst, that only intensifies with every passing moment. The need for closeness and true love is deeply ingrained in each human being. Deeply impressed, in a every fibre of our being is the need for a relationship with the Holy One. We all have the need to reconnect to the source of life, whether we recognize this need or not. This small poem talks about coming to the realization of having ignored that need and desiring to restore things to their rightful place.

My Dearest Love

When I’m with you, I feel complete,

Your tender love is what I need,

The wisest words delight me so,

I cannot bear to let you go.

When will we have that time again?

When will it be, I cannot wait?

How can I stand to be apart?

Without your closeness near to my heart,

If I should go on more time like this,

I’ll quickly waste away with ease.

Yet deep inside the truth I know,

Is I never have to let you go.

You love me more than length of time,

Your love’s the highest most sublime.

Bring me the peace that’s true and pure.

Your love to me is the only cure.

Keep loving, me and keep me near.

That I may always know your love so dear,

Ignite in me your kind of love,

That won’t grow cold, that I dream of.

Remind me how you wait for me,

For this my love’s my greatest plea,

To walk with you in every way,

With my heart bound to you each day.

I was made for you without a doubt,

Your love surrounds me all about.

Don’t want to waste more time apart,

My longing’s intense, with all my heart,

Don’t let me be apart from you,

My love for you, daily renew.

That I may seek your perfect way,

And share with all and to them say,

No greater love can there exist.

That can go on and through time persist,

No deeper love can there be found.

Nothing is there quite as profound.

Await for me then, please my love,

That we may meet again,

And this time never let me go.

My dearest, sweetest, perfect love.

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