Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Countless Joys Of Motherhood (Poem)

The countless joys of motherhood
have thought me many things,
So many I never thought I’d learn,
And though they are what I have yearned
It seems hard to believe.

At times I laugh at little things
The way they comb their hair
Perhaps the shoes in the wrong feet
Using a cup as a small seat,
To change all these I would not dare.

I keep a little first aid box
Band-aid with cutie shapes
Somehow I fear that they will manage
To find some reason for a bandage
Or accidentally get a scrape.

Each morning as each day begins
Unsure what it could bring
Could be a small hand holding mine,
A little voice saying a rhyme,
It makes me want to sing!

But in a day not all is fun
At times there’s much to do
To comfort one I just might need
To put another one to sleep,
I thank my Lord for motherhood.

There’s joy and laughs and work to do
My home looks not so great
There’s fingerprints on all my doors
Continually stains on my floors
Yet motherhood’s my favorite state.

I count my blessings when I’m sad
The Lord has blessed me so,
I’ve felt his tender loving care,
With little ones I’ll gladly share
Each one the Lord must know.


I must have written this about a couple of years ago, but recently found it.
I remember seeing Isaac turning a mug upside down and sit on it, which as so funny to see.
That I had to write about the little things that make me laugh so I wouldn’t forget.

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