Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Is Your Delight?

Some time ago, approximately a year, I wrote this poem during the time we read parasha Toldot. Unfortunately, one day my toddler decided to entertain herself by cutting some pages from my notebook where I kept it. When I found the poem, I noticed the last parts missing. This didn't bother me much, because I remembered asking my son to copy it for me on his lap top. About a week ago, I asked my son about it, and was upset to find that his file had been corrupted and he would not be able to retrieve it. After thinking it over for a few days, I finally decided that the only thing to do was to write a new ending. I'm not sure how the last poem ended, but I tried to keep the main message intact. Here is the result of my effort to save my work... 

What then, is your pleasure or else your delight?
Would you crave for grandeur, position, or fame?
If all that pervades in your heart and your mind,
Be things so admired by others the same.

Can one hold so dearly admiration from others?
Perhaps it’s control, and the power it affords
Could be great possessions, vanity, or its lovers;
Trying to fill a great void, always looking for more.

One man sought adventure in the excitement of hunting.
This man lived for living though redundant may sound.
He hungered and lusted giving up to his brother;
With great haste sold his birthright without taking ‘ny thought.

A pious man had a different desire on his part.
He was whole and yet simple dwelling daily in tents.
Other goals filled his time, his whole mind, and his heart.
He would not fit the mold of this world with its bends.

Seeking something far better was the goal of such man.
To the goals everlasting, he would hold onto fast;
For he cherished true blessings, covenant, promised land.
Only in G-d’s Word he trusted, the only thing that does last.

Thereupon are two choices and two paths for the heart.
One seeks vanity, pride, and the lusts that do blind.
The other one has a vision based on faith from the start;
Reaching high to a destiny that is pure and sublime.

How will your life expose the desires that prevail?
Will your life hold true meaning? Decide now, make a choice.
Be distracted by things that don’t profit or avail,
Or take delight in G-d’s Word taking heed of His Voice!

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